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About Geurts

The Betuwe is known for fruit and fruit means Geurts. That is our company in a single sentence. But naturally, there is so much more to share about Geurts Conservenfabriek bv: one of the oldest and most renowned jam producers in the Betuwe and in the Netherlands.

Family-run company

Our family-run company was founded in 1888 by Arie Geurts. At that time, Geurts supplied fruit and related products to private customers and fruit processing companies in the area. However, demand for jam and other fruit products became so great that the Geurts family decided to start processing fruit themselves. The family-run company developed into a large factory in Dodewaard. All kinds of fruit and vegetable products were canned here until well into the 20th century.

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Labour intensive industry

At the end of the Forties, Geurts employed 120 members of staff. Fruit processing was still a very labour intensive industry at that time. A little jar of jam cost 13 ½ cents back then. Developments have occurred rapidly since then. Geurts always evolved with the times and was therefore able to survive tough times too.

By royal appointment

Meanwhile, the fourth generation is at the helm and there are 30 employees in service. At present, we produce around 35 million jars of jam per year. A year ago, we became an official purveyor to the Royal Household. We are incredibly proud of this, it is our crowning glory!

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Our jam is everywhere

At present, Geurts focuses predominantly on the tastiest and most popular fruit product: jam. We primarily supply our jam under private label: the client’s brand. You come across our jam everywhere without knowing it. We have been supplying jam to supermarkets, wholesalers and other outlets for many years. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. Fifteen percent of production is exported to countries beyond Europe.

Our mission

Naturally, everything has its price, but we certainly offer excellent value for money. And we do not shy away from the challenge of developing new products. Because that is the crux of our mission: responding flexibly to market demand, that means you! That is what Geurts excels in.

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