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Our Jam

Are you interested in delicious fruit jam? This page gives you a glimpse into the world of our jam. We discuss the different ingredients in jam and how we prepare the fruit product.

The four key ingredients of jam

Fruit, sugar, a gelling agent and an acidulant. Those are the four key ingredients of jam. We use these ingredients at the optimal ratio. We are able to prepare the jam within a short space of time by cooking it in a vacuum kettle without a stirring mechanism. That way, the jam retains its optimal flavour and structure. A detailed description of the four key ingredients follows below.

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The best fruit, guaranteed

The fruit in our jam is of the best quality. We are confident in the fruit we source from abroad. We have enjoyed excellent relationships with the fruit farmers who supply us for many years. They understand that we have exceptionally high quality standards. We then ensure the colour and flavour of the fruit is optimally preserved by allowing the jam to reduce in our vacuum kettle. In addition, our vacuum kettle has no stirring mechanism, so the fruit remains whole. We are not satisfied with ‘good’, only with ‘the very best’!

The sweet secret of success

Sugar is indispensable in the jam making process. It gives it a sweet taste, the right consistency, and it contributes to preservation of the colour and aroma of the jam. Besides, sugar has a preservative effect. The right sugar content gives our jam a longer shelf life. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to make jam with a higher fruit content and a lower sugar content, but with a shelf life that is just as long. This is healthier, and besides, it brings out the flavour of the fruit better. We also make halva. This diet jam is also superbly fruity, but contains far fewer calories.

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Our gelling agent, pectin

Pectin gives jam the right structure, thickness and spreadability. All are very important for preparing the perfect jam. Pectin also ensures the fruit does not need to be too thickened while cooking. This means cooking time is shorter and the taste and colour of the fruit is preserved far more effectively. The addition of pectin therefore ensures better jam.

Acidulant, citric acid

It is important for the jam to have the right balance between sweet and sour. Citric acid regulates this balance. In addition, this acidity regulator ensures the optimal functioning of pectin.

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Fun facts about jam

Would you like to know more about jam? Here are a few interesting facts.

  • Did you know that our jam is made using only natural ingredients?
  • Did you know that jam is delicious with yoghurt?
  • Did you know that ‘jam’ is actually named for the verb ‘to jam’? It refers to the old production process.
  • Did you know that jam is a centuries-old product and that it was primarily made to extend the shelf life of fruit?

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