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Geurts Conservenfabriek bv is synonymous with quality. We only use the best fruit for our products, which we select from all over the world. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, we know how to assess the quality of fruit. Since our basis lies in fruit cultivation, we know the processes that precede production better than anyone does.

Strict quality control

Only the very best is good enough for us. We therefore uphold strict quality control procedures and use the most modern quality systems. Our quality assurance department has extensive laboratory facilities at its disposal. We monitor our products continually to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. We possess the highest level of IFS certification, namely ‘’higher level’’ and we work according to ISO 9001-2000 standards.

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The best fruit, guaranteed

Geurts Conserven’s history dates back over a century. Our family-run company has therefore established excellent long-term relationships with suppliers all over the world. Thanks to these relationships, we are confident in the raw materials we source from abroad. Suppliers understand we have exceptionally high quality standards, that is why we are always assured of the best and tastiest fruit.

Technical developments

Have we convinced you of our quality? Then allow us to tell you a little about the technical developments in fruit processing. High quality advanced technology ensures the production process takes place in a completely closed system. Automated processing guarantees consistent quality.

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Organic and specialty jams

Although technology is obviously very important, we never lose sight of the artisanal element. Most jams are made by way of a continual process, but organic and other specialty jams require and receive extra attention.

Continual innovation

Developments at Geurts Conservenfabriek bv continue unabated. This applies to our expanding production operations, as well as the technical and spatial elements. They typify our company, which innovates continually. We are always alert to market demands. Thanks to this way of working, Geurts is still full of life after 125 years!

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