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We know better than anyone that consumers enjoy variation and trying out new flavours or fruit combinations. That is why Geurts makes the delicacies that consumers want. We therefore offer a very wide range: standard jams, exclusive fruit fillings and organic products with delightful flavours and a high fruit content.

Own laboratory

We carry out the predevelopment of new products and flavours in our own laboratory. So we develop all those goodies on your table ourselves. Our nutritional experts monitor the sugar content, acid content, consistency and PH values daily. We use superior, modern technology to ensure the jam is safe.

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Our jam all over the world

Our products, primarily under private label, find their way from our jam factory in Dodewaard to countries in Europe and beyond. As it happens, fifteen percent of production is exported to countries outside Europe.

Our mission

Naturally, everything has its price, but we certainly offer excellent value for money. And we do not shy away from the challenge of developing new products. Because that is the crux of our mission: responding flexibly to market demand, that means you! That is what Geurts excels in.

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Kinds of fruit filling and packaging

Geurts produces what clients want. We make different kinds of jam, organic jam and fruit filling, amongst others. We produce our jams and fruit fillings with different types of sweeteners. For example, sugar, fruit concentrates, stevia, maltitol, et cetera. We also offer many options in respect of packaging. Clients have a choice of glass jars in many different sizes.

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